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damage.the political iiplications the super storm could have... with elections less than a week away. ((break 2)) ,3 superstorm sandy has takkn the focussaway from the presidential race, even with the election nnw just one wwek away.both candidates canceled official campaign events in reeent days.. but even as they turned their attention to thh storm ... bbsh. never far away..-3 president obama canceled this close to eleccion day - everything is political. even this unannounced trip to the red croos.america is with you - we are standing behind you and will do verything we can invaluable imagery - and opportuniiy - to be seen in command. i want you to cut thru red tape. i want you to cut through bureaucracy. at this point. speakinn of ion imagery, for a second day the whhte house released a photo of the president on the case, romney called off his campaiin events too - but stayed firmly &pof all swing ssates...invitin &pback east...we have heavy nd - hharts as you know with all tte suffering going on in a major part of our country. and thougg this certainly lloks like a romn
election day draww nearr whatt the campaigns are doing as we enterrthe home stretchh tonight on ox 45 news fe.3 3 3 wwtt the roads 3 3 th r clearing ann power coming back oo...most &pschools will be open todaa. schools in baltimroo and annn arundel county that will be closed.they're on the ticker e bottom of your sceen. 3 3 3 &p3 33- this morning many families across maryland are stiil rseling the efs anttouavenot now d w now and some of our best ht - emergency crews want to help. right now... about 4 &pparrmedics... 2 medic uuiis ann one medical asssstance car carrying much needed morning.right now the death toll in new jerrey stands at 8 but is expectee to rise.there &pbusinesses sttlllwithout owe. more than 100 homes were lte l anth estroyed.yerd. mar n people of new jersey and new p37:43)from whaa it sounds like they are in some pretty dire need for relief and help from all tte jurisdictions. (38:10)for me it wasn't a ery hard decision i just was thinig that ii i was in that situaaion i would only wa or my ed.frd.wetooop my family supplies are aso ssarce there... l
pollutants. 3 with just a few days tt go before election day, the pandidates are doing the swing state mary ellen hopkins explains... president obama and republican candidate non-stop appearances in eight states that arr still up for gg. grabs. president obbma made his case toovoters in las vegas. he echoed the slogan from his &pfirst campaign about bringiig change to merica.right now, we ould be putting more folks back to work right now fixing more rrads bridges, expanding broadband to rural letts ppt american's back to to be done.mitt rrmney hit need- back on the president's "change" theme during a pampaign stop in roanoke, virginia.there's no question in my view that we really can't have four more years like the last four years. the obama folks are chantinn four m but our chanttis this five more days, fiie more days is purrchant...(applause).romney delivers what hisscamppign says is his "closing argument" poddy during a ssop in pisconsin. then he's off to ohio for two rallies.obama will also be in ohio -- here events before heading back o -3 the white house. the pate
6 ooclock hour... ensuring polling places are operational... come election day. day.theeextreme lengghs new jersey officials are going to... in the wake of hurricane sandy.
and shore up support with the election just days away. explainn... both campaigns are kicking into iger with th entec j ysa politics took a back eat for aafew days while the devastating effects of supstorm sandy. presideett chrii christie checked out tte erewesto. and the president are here for you and we willl not forget we will follow up top akk sure you get all the helppyou need until you've rebuilt. christie is a staunch but he vemaumup fosfotoppje sis.i cannott thank the ppesiddnt enough for his eesonaa concern and the people of ourstate. mitt romney campaigned in south florida but the storm ctims weee part of his message. we ppopleein a time of great huuricane that struck the mid atlanttc them. vice president joe biden kept up his atttcks rooney campaigninggin time to gett home and go trick or treating with his famill. now i's candidates. obama reaches out boullerr coloro and greeegas, rimond,,roanoke and virginia beach..i'm mary ellen hopkins reporting. early voting resumes in maryyand... after hurricaae saa. sandy.on wedneay... there at..cng g nns at many stateeide is alrea
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5